• Bulb Season

    Bulb Season

    It's officially bulb season in the garden, the time to bury little bulbs of hope with the promise of blooms in the Springtime and it's one of my favourite jobs. Tulips, Narcissus, Alliums, Crocus, Irises, Snowdrops, Lilies and even Garlic can be planted out now. Unfortu...
  • Pumpkin (and Squash!) Parade

    Pumpkin (and Squash!) Parade

    This year is moving far too fast and October seems to have flown by in a crazy haze. I arrived back in Hampshire last Friday after spending a busy two weeks working in a beautiful holiday cottage in Wales (blog post to follow shortly!) It appears my mind has been all ov...
  • Roll out the Cloches!

    Roll out the Cloches!

    Just like that October is here and Autumn has well and truly landed with a bang, a big wet miserable bang at that! As the last memories of Summer fade and the remaining crops on the allotment are being harvested it's time to turn our attention to the colder months and t...
  • RHS Wisley and my dream garden!

    RHS Wisley and my dream garden!

    Have you ever just walked into a garden and thought to yourself 'Yes, this is the one, my dream garden...' That's exactly what was running through my head when I visited the Kitchen garden at RHS Wisley, that and my crazy idea of how I could move in with no one noticing...
  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart

    We arrived back from selling at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival late on Sunday night after being there all week having the best time! Lot's of early mornings, late nights and being on your feet all day have left us a tad tired but I was eager to get up the ...


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