It all started back in 2015 when we first joined the allotment community. Gardening became an obsession and we loved every second spent there with our hands in the soil surrounded by homegrown goodness. The blog started first followed closely by the YouTube channel before we decided to turn our attention to stocking garden ware on our vintage interior website. It soon took over and we were beyond happy! We changed our business name to match the blog and now we sell online and tour around the UK selling at garden shows.

The metalwork side to the business started not long after officially opening Lavender and Leeks and it fits in so perfectly with the rest of our products and also our lifestyle too. We aim to create practical and beautiful items for the garden that we would use ourselves and our own garden is dotted with vintage pots and decorative metal work. We're constantly inspired by the garden and nature, as that's usually where you will find us when we aren't busy working!

We're always on the hunt for vintage gardenalia such as furniture, garden tools, pots etc. Please do contact us on 07531110767 or if you wish to sell from your collection.


A man of all trades, a master at DIY and the official metal man. You'll often find him pottering around in the workshop creating all our metal work for the garden and coming up with beautiful ideas to expand our stock. At the weekends he ditches the workshop for the open road upon his mighty Triumph Bonneville. 


The blogger, photographer, cleaner and person in charge of the stock on the website! Daughter to David and owner of Teddy the Jack Russell, when she's not busy with work or at the garden shows you'll either find Katie in the garden or curled up on the sofa knitting. Love of all things vintage and the simple life, nothing beats homegrown food, homemade jam and time spent amongst the flowers.


Antique hunter, chief stock examiner and troublesome sprout thief! Teddy belongs to Katie and joined the L&L team in the Summer of 2020. He's a typical terrier and loves nothing more than playing with his ball, barking at nothing and helping with the cleaning of the stock. He's currently in training so one day he can join us at the garden shows!

The Allotment

We've been allomenteers since 2013, each on seperate plots before we decided to join forces in 2019. This new plot measured roughly 14 metres wide by 15 metres deep and we poured everything into that little slice of land. A mixture of flowers, fruit and vegetables all grew together in perfect harmony and we each had our own shed to escape too (and drink endless cups of tea!) Even though the allotment was a place to grow food, ultimately it was our haven and we were sad to have to give it up in 2020... However, a house move will hopefully mean more land and a vegetable garden right outside the back door so watch this space!