• Winter harvests and prepping for next years crops

    Winter harvests and prepping for next years crops

    Good morning everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely week? I'm currently in Wales celebrating a certain special someone's birthday yesterday and I am absolutely loving being here on the farm right now. The weather has behaved, the happiness has flowed and the Herdw...
  • Spring Bulbs 2018

    Spring Bulbs 2018

    It's that time of year again and one that I am super excited about! The trough is one of my favourite additions to plot 15c and every year I look forward to the sea of blooms which appear from March to May. Last Spring however the tulips suffered from a disease called T...
  • Late to the Pumpkin Party

    Late to the Pumpkin Party

    Well didn't October just pass by in a whirlwind?! I spent 24 days out of 31 in Wales having such a good time with my love. I added 11 more Herdwicks to my flock and now have a beautiful Ram called Idwal who is hopefully doing his job as we speak so come Spring they'll b...
  • Some long awaited garden therapy

    Some long awaited garden therapy

    It's been over a whole month since my last blog post which I can't help but apologise about... I've been struggling a lot lately with my social mojo so to speak and I desperately want it back. But most of all I've been struggling to focus on who I really am, she appears...
  • Happy Harvests

    Happy Harvests

    I haven't had a free weekend in such a long time what with working away at garden shows and being in Wales. Therefore it sure felt good to have a whole day to spend up the allotment without having to rush or scoot off to do other jobs that very same day. My 'jobs to do ...


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