• Blackcurrant Cake

    Blackcurrant Cake

    What do you do when you only have a handful of blackcurrants? Make a cake of course! My blackcurrant harvest was a tad rubbish this year, I was too late in harvesting them and unfortunately most of my crop were either over ripe or had ended up on the ground. I wa...
  • A Local Adventure

    A Local Adventure

    Charles was off carting straw this afternoon so I made my own plans to go explore a local garden called Dyffryn Fernant. I picked up a leaflet a while back and made a mental note to go and visit when I had some spare time, seeing as I had a few hours on my own I decided...
  • Never give up trying!

    Never give up trying!

    I'll admit now that the allotment has been neglected the past 2 years, I haven't been spending as much time as I used to up there since falling in love but I guess that's just life right? That plus the huge work load this year has just been immense with all the garden s...
  • Where did Summer go?

    Where did Summer go?

    The holidays have started here with my parents off to France for 10 days and I'm currently back in Wales again having arrived on Tuesday. Even though the holidays have started Summer seems to have run away, the weather has been horrendous the past few days and it almost...
  • An Eventful Afternoon

    An Eventful Afternoon

    The jobs on my to do list have been the same for a few weeks now and the monthly jobs tend to just roll over onto the next month making the lists even bigger... Time has been limited lately and as you all know the allotment has been put on the back burner whilst I've be...


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