• Some long awaited garden therapy

    Some long awaited garden therapy

    It's been over a whole month since my last blog post which I can't help but apologise about... I've been struggling a lot lately with my social mojo so to speak and I desperately want it back. But most of all I've been struggling to focus on who I really am, she appears...
  • Happy Harvests

    Happy Harvests

    I haven't had a free weekend in such a long time what with working away at garden shows and being in Wales. Therefore it sure felt good to have a whole day to spend up the allotment without having to rush or scoot off to do other jobs that very same day. My 'jobs to do ...
  • Dahlia Heaven!

    Dahlia Heaven!

    I was sad to see this weekend end but my heart is full to the brim with happy memories and good times. Saturday was spent up the allotment pottering around the plot and then Sunday we headed off to a National Trust house and gardens called Kingston Lacey. However, befor...
  • Crystallised Edible Flower Cupcakes

    Crystallised Edible Flower Cupcakes

    As Autumn slowly creeps in and thick jumpers start making their way back into the wardrobe I had one job I wanted to do before it got too cold. I've always been intrigued and in love with edible flowers, they not only taste delicious but they can give that perfect finis...
  • Elderberry Jam

    Elderberry Jam

    This year was the first time I was able to forage a large amount of elderberries, they were early but I was ready and I managed to pick over 1.6kg! There was a bumper crop this year and I was so pleased, a few months ago now I had helped myself to the flowers to make ch...


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