• Allotment Plan 2019

    Allotment Plan 2019

    Spring is just around the corner and I've been a busy bee planning the next growing season on plot 15c. It's one of my favourite jobs to do during the Winter months and always gets me very excited for the year ahead. When it's too cold to work outside you can sit down a...
  • The Wildlife Patch Tidy Up

    The Wildlife Patch Tidy Up

    The wildlife patch is one of my favourite parts on the plot and I swear I don't just say that about every part of my allotment... although I do love it all! Creating a pond was one of the best decisions I have ever made, it's not only created it's only little ecosystem ...
  • January Jobs and Harvests

    January Jobs and Harvests

    January is nearly over and there's still plenty of jobs to complete up the allotment before the busy growing season starts. Not that I'm panicking at all... the temperature has dipped rather low this past week and snow has landed in the UK so there's no rush. The last f...
  • Manure Bin DIY

    Manure Bin DIY

    Today was the day that I finally made my manure bin, it only took me a year! We've all got one of those jobs that we keep putting off, the job that's not that important so keeps getting pushed right to the end of the list... The manure bin was that job for me but I was ...
  • Handmade Beauty Hamper

    Handmade Beauty Hamper

    Ever since owning my allotment I've dreamed of making my own jams, preserves and drinks using homegrown produce that I've lovingly looked after and harvested. That feeling soon evolved into wanting to make more homemade goodies and this past Christmas I've been busy mak...


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