• Worth the Wait

    Worth the Wait

    Plot 15c is very slowly getting ready for the growing year ahead with only one exception... the purple sprouting broccoli. It's been happily growing away since sowing the seeds a year ago and it's the last remaining crop on the allotment. I've been harvesting the...
  • Spring Equinox

    Spring Equinox

    This weekend has been a tad hectic, we've been to the big city to watch Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre (which was amazing by the way!) and stayed at my Sisters place to spend some time with her family. Even though it's nice to dress up every now and again I sure did mi...
  • A Bounce in my Step

    A Bounce in my Step

    Nothing beats a trip to the allotment and it's the perfect place to lift your mood which is just what I needed after arriving back from Wales. It's my little haven and never let's me down, plus the sun was shining beautifully and all the signs of Spring were putting a b...
  • A Special Gift

    A Special Gift

    I arrived back in Hampshire last night a little sad and lonely, long distance relationships sure are hard but I'm lucky enough to have the allotment to keep me busy and my work life is starting to get hectic now too. I was also lucky enough to have a special gift waitin...
  • A Few of my Favourite Gardening Books

    A Few of my Favourite Gardening Books

    I've always been a bit of a book addict and that doesn't stop when it comes to gardening! In fact my addiction is probably even worse... I'm a sucker for pretty photographs and I love looking at other people's gardens and allotments for inspiration. Two of my gardening ...


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